Goal Zero's Featured collection showcases our top-rated and customer-favourite products, all chosen for their proven reliability, ease of use, and the quality power supply they deliver. It's the go-to section for anyone looking for tried-and-tested portable power solutions, from solar panels that excel in the great outdoors to backup power that stands strong during outages...

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In this carefully selected range, you'll find everything you need to stay powered up. We've got robust power stations that keep your essentials running, lightweight solar panels for energy on the move, and lighting solutions that turn night into day. Each item is a customer favourite for a reason: they're built to fit seamlessly into your daily life, whether that’s on a wild camping trip or during those unexpected moments at home when you need power most.

When you browse our Featured collection, you’re looking at products that have earned their spot because they deliver what they promise: dependable, portable power. Take a look and see what fits into your life. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a remote worker, or someone who likes to be prepared, there's something here to make sure you're never left in the dark.

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Yeti 500X

£659.99 £400.00

Sold out Sale
Yeti 200X

£329.99 £225.00

Sold out Sale
Crush Light


Boulder 100


Boulder 50