Light up your space with Goal Zero’s Lanterns collection, where each lantern is thoughtfully crafted to offer a range of lighting options from ultra-bright to a soft glow. These rechargeable lanterns come with dimmable features, allowing you to adjust the intensity of light to your specific needs, whether you're setting up camp after dusk, searching for something in your attic, or creating ambiance at an outdoor gathering...

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The versatility of our lanterns lies in their design: compact, durable, and easy to hang, carry, or mount, they are well-suited for any environment. Built to last, these lanterns are not only a source of light but also an essential part of your gear, ready to withstand the elements along with the rigors of outdoor use. The rechargeable nature ensures that you can power them up easily via solar panels, USB ports, or even traditional wall outlets.

Our Lanterns collection embodies the Goal Zero commitment to practical, user-friendly products. With features that cater to your convenience, like long battery life and intuitive controls, these lanterns are designed to be your go-to source for illumination. Explore the collection to find the perfect lantern that will brighten your adventures, provide security in emergencies, and offer the right light for any task at hand.

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