Solar Chargers

Stay powered on every trail with Goal Zero’s Solar Chargers collection, a line of compact and portable solar solutions that offer direct charging for all your devices. Our portable solar chargers are specifically designed to meet the needs of the on-the-go individual. With panels that fold neatly to fit inside your pack or panniers, these chargers are an indispensable tool for harnessing solar energy wherever you find yourself—be it on a remote path, mountain peak, or during a cross-country cycling adventure...

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Each solar charger is a small powerhouse, efficient and ready to deploy. Unfolded, they capture the sun's rays and convert them into usable power, ensuring that your phones, cameras, and other USB devices stay charged without the need for a wall outlet. These chargers are lightweight and durable, built to resist the elements while providing a dependable source of energy in any outdoor setting.

Goal Zero's Solar Chargers embody the freedom of sustainable, off-grid power. They are an essential part of your kit for eco-friendly adventurers who demand reliability and convenience in equal measure. Explore our collection of portable solar chargers and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of solar charging on the move, keeping you connected and in control, no matter where the trail may lead.

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