USB Power Bank Kits

Goal Zero's USB Power Bank Kits are designed to keep your essential devices charged no matter where you are. These versatile kits enable direct charging and energy storage for powering small devices such as cameras, phones and tablets. They're ideal for those who need reliable power in compact, travel-ready form factors...

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Crafted with the outdoor enthusiast and the on-the-move professional in mind, these kits harness the power of the sun, allowing you to charge your devices with our efficient solar panels. The power banks store enough energy to keep your gadgets going through your day-to-day activities or during longer expeditions away from power outlets.

Our USB Power Bank Kits combine convenience with sustainability, offering you the freedom to charge your devices without being tethered to the grid. Perfect for adventurers, remote workers, and anyone in between, these solar power bank kits from Goal Zero ensure that your connection to the world remains uninterrupted, while also committing to eco-friendly charging solutions. Explore our collection to find the right fit for your lifestyle and stay powered wherever life takes you.

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